How to Make Interactive Flipbook in HTML5 [100% Free]

Flipbooks are the latest thing to take the marketing world by storm. In today’s technological age, if your company doesn’t publish a flipbook in html5 then you are falling behind. So, don’t worry, I am here to tell you all about HTML5 flipbook creation and which free HTML5 flipbook software is the best one!

A flipbook in html5 allows you to market your business, sell directly to your user and distribute content online, straight to the palm of the hand of your readers.

A flipbook in html5 will replace any print publication, magazine, brochure, or catalog that you currently publish.

Using a flipbook in html5 you can connect directly with customers/users and readers on their mobile devices anywhere in the world.

You can get your company out online using a flipbook html5 without it costing you a penny.

Now that is one heck of a marketing strategy.

Yes, you did read that right.

You can make a flipbook in html5 for absolutely free.

In fact, not only is it possible to make flipbook from pdf for free, it is really quick to do.

A free flip book maker can walk you through creating a flipbook in html5 in just a few steps.

And I speak from experience!

Becoming a flipbook publisher

I recently delved into the world of flipbook software when I wanted to make a flipbook in html5 for my business.

I wanted to replace our existing print catalogue, which was not giving us the sales figures we needed despite being sent out to hundreds of people.

I myself had used a flipbook in html5 to order things online and I thought that we could use the same html5 flipbook open-source software to the same effect.

And I was right.

Our company flipbook in hmtl5 has seen our sales figures shoot up.

I learned, creating a flipbook is as easy as it can get

Now I thought that making a flipbook in html5 was going to be a hard journey through the world of coding.

I thought that I was going to be spending weeks learning how to convert pdf files to flipping book using jQuery and then even longer making a flipbook in html5.

I thought it would take me ages to make a page flip html5 for our digital flip books.

But boy was I wrong.

Using pdf flip book maker freeware, I was able to make our flipbook in html5 in less than half the time I thought that it would.

The process of switching our existing free pdf to html5 flipbook open source was so really quick.

But the actual secret; using an online flipbook maker to create our flipbook in html5.

Creating a flash magazine or flipbook in html5 with a pdf to flipbook converter makes the entire process quick and easy.

Free flip book software means that being able to convert pdf to flipping book doesn’t have to cost you a penny to make a flipbook in html5.

You get all the benefits of adding a flipbook in HTML to your marketing strategy without the big budget.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s not.

You really can make a flipbook in html5 with pdf to flip book html5 software for free, quickly, and easily.

If you still don’t believe how simple it is to use flip book HTML code software to create a CSS flip book with a page flip effect then read on.

I am going to tell you how to make an online magazine, publications, brochure, or catalogue flipbook js and even give you a couple of examples of good html5 software to get you started.

How to make a pdf flipbook?

I will walk you through it step-by-step.

A flipbook in html5 can have a range of benefits for a business or company.

They can help you to expand your reach, boost your profile and help you to sell directly to clients.

A flipbook in html5 can also be used for individuals to publish content or photos.

To make the most of each flipbook in html5 benefit, you will need a pdf to flipbook free software with specific features.

For example, if you want a pdf flip book to make a brochure, you will want to make sure you can create a flipbook in html5 with high-quality images and a shopping cart feature.

If you want to boost your online presence, then you should consider a flip pdf free flipbook creator with search engine optimization for your flipbook in html5. This will allow your publications to rank on Google.

1. Find the right software for your needs

With this in mind, the first thing you need to make a flipbook in html5 is the right flip pdf professional software solution to help you to make a flip book online.

Finding the right magazine maker for your flipbook in html5 my takes a few attempts.

I advise that you try out several magazine design software options when making a flipbook in html5.

Don’t just go for the first responsive flip book software you see to create your fliphtml5 magazine.

Decide on what features you need in your flipbook in html5 and look for a responsive flipbook jQuery software that includes the features you are looking for.

A flipbook in html5 software with examples and several flip book templates will also be a good start.

2. Write content and make a PDF

Once you have found a flipbook in hmlt5 software that you want to use to create a pdf flip book InDesign, you will need your written content in pdf.

If you don’t already have an existing brochure, magazines or catalogue in pdf don’t worry. Writing content in pdf is pretty easy.

To make a flipbook in html5, you won't need to do anything fancy with your content to view pdf as flipbook.

Just write it out and your free online publication maker will do the hard work for you.

3. Upload your PDF file to Flipbook Converter

Next, to make your digital flipbook in html5 all you need to do is drag and drop your content to your pageflip effect animation CSS software.

If your chosen flipbook in html5 software has templates to follow, then uploading your pdf to make a jQuery flipbook booklet will be even easier.

4. Make any preferred changes

Once your content is uploaded, you will have the option to add any special features to your flipbook in html5.

Depending on your flipbook in hmtl5 software, this may include embedding video or link to YouTube, audio or music, pop-ups, shopping cart, and check-out or links.

How to make pdf flip pages like a book?

As long as your chosen flipbook in html5 software has this animation option then it will do it for you.

5. Share Your HTML5 Flipbook

Then all you need to do is share your flipbook in html5 online with one click.

Again, depending on your chosen flipbook in html5 service, you may be able to share it on our website using embed code, social media feeds, or on a hosting site such as the Cloud.

Your flipbook in html5 free download may also have a hosting platform of its own.

So that’s it. Simple. Just make your flipbook in htlm5 content, download a flipbook creator, add your content pages, add features and you’re done.


The only problem you may have is deciding on which flipbook in html5 software tools to choose from.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from flipbook in html5 software, here are some of the best flipbook in html5 software services that I came across when making my own flipbook in html5.

Yumpu review

Yumpu Publishing website

With Yumpu Publishing you can create interactive page flipping publications in HTML5. The platform is easy to understand for the user. You don’t need any prior knowledge.

You can shine in front of your customers by inserting video or audio files and switching off advertising.

The page change effect gives you the feeling that you are leafing through a real catalog, magazine, or flipbook.

Yumpu Publishing makes it possible to increase traffic and sales in a very short time. Because with the flipbook in HTML5 it is possible to have an additional source of income by offering advertising space on the WEBKiosk for sale or simply advertising yourself.

The support team, which you can contact via email, or phone, is very friendly and always available.

Anyflip review

Anyflip Website

The tool Anyflip can be easily used on a computer using Linux, Windows or Mac and can also be used on a smart device to make a flipbook in html5.

You can add a wide range of features to your flipbook in html5 including a table of contents, images, multimedia such as videos, audio, and link to various sites.

The free trial version comes with a range of flipbook in html5 templates to follow which you can customize in the download.

Anyflip also includes Google Analytics which helps you to track the popularity of your flipbook in html5 online pages and helps you to increase conversion.

Flipsnack review

Flipsnack Website

Flipsnack flipbook in HTML software has several versions including software designed for students and tutors.

It is straightforward to use for beginners with templates that you can customize to suit your company branding.

There are limits to the free trial version of this flipbook in html5 software though.

But if you want to upgrade to access to all the features then the pricing is reasonable, with separate Flipsnack Edu pricing for students and teachers.

You can add your flipbook in html5 to your social media (Facebook, Twitter & Co.) or host on the Cloud for free. If any user's support is needed you can always contact their support team with just a click.

Mobissue review

Mobissue Website

Mobissue allows you to upload from a range of content software such as adobe or pdf.

This top flipbook in html5 software has been designed to be used on desktop as well as mobile devices such as Android and iPhone or iPad.

You can upload your own image to the software or you can use any image provided by Mobissue.

This powerful flipbook in html5 software will help you to make an online shopping cart and virtual check-out so that you can sell directly to your readers.

You can share your flipbook in html5 on your own website or be given a log in so that your flipbook in html5 can be shared on Mobissue’s own hosting platform.

Issuu review

Issuu Website

Issuu helps you to make really glossy-looking flipbook in html5 with their plain navigation and nice interface.

Your finished product won’t look out of place when compared to some of the biggest names in fashion magazines.

High-quality new images and real page turn effect give a flipbook in html5 created with this software a professional finish.

You can monetize your flipbook in html5 by selling ads to other businesses who can pay you to have advertising space within your flipbook in html5.

Issuu Digital Sales also allows you to sell subscriptions to your flipbook in html5 and their support team, that one can contact via email, is really friendly.

Making a flipbook in html5 really is that easy

If you are still asking “how to create flipbook in html5?” after reading all that, then my advice is to have a go for yourself.

It really is easy to create a flipbook with flipbook creator software and the best way to learn how to do it is to try it yourself.

You may surprise yourself with the high-quality flipbook with the page-turning effect you can produce for yourself.

Get in contact and leave a comment on this blog article to let me know about your experiences!

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